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Harley Noel and clients of Hawkes Home


Transitional housing and re-entry

education for previously incarcerated men.

Transitional housing and re-entry

education for previously incarcerated men.

We change lives!

Hawkes Home helps formerly incarcerated men transition into society. We do this with heart—that's what makes us unique and why we are so successful in breaking the cycle of recidivism rampant in the U.S. today.


We give our guys the tools they need to be successful—basic living skills that most of us take for granted but they lack, such as using a computer, searching for a job, and managing money—in a family setting. We give them the home most never had.


Here they find and give support. And they learn what it means to be responsible and accountable.


When they leave us, it is as healthy and productive members of society.​

Cycle of Recidivism
Release ​
Cycle of Recidivism graphic description
On own
Return to familiar

Without support, men released from prison/jail have no means to change from what they have done in the past and so keep repeating the same mistakes.

Path to Productivity
Path to Productivity graphic description
Release ​

• Life skills

• Reponsibility

• Accountability

Workforce development

• More


For men serious about changing their lives, Hawkes Home provides the tools and support they need to become productive, healthy and self-sufficient members of society.

We replace recidivism with something good—for the men, for their families, and society at large.

   Hawkes Home has done so much for me. When I got here, I had nothing in my life. Now my life is 100% better than ever. One of the big things in my life, I have good in it now.   


Clyde, Former Client

Capital Campaign to Open a Second Home!







Now in our 7th year of success, our goal for 2019 is to open a second home. "Murphy Home" as it will be called (in honor of Monsignor Murphy who helped launch Hawkes Home) will make our proven dual-part restorative justice program available to twice as many men, especially important now with the rise in prisons/jails granting early releases. 

Can you please help make Murphy Home a reality?

Please send checks to:

Hawkes Home, Inc.

PO Box 232781

Encinitas CA 92023-2781

We thank you, but most of all the men whose lives you help change for the better and their families most emphatically thank you because incarceration affects many more than the person incarcerated (parents, siblings, spouses, and children)!


We opened our doors in January 2013. Since then we've helped over 300 men become productive members of society—a 99.9% success rate!

Dual-part: We provide clients with a real home and we help them find work.

Capital Campaign
We're in the news!

The San Diego Union Tribune visited Hawkes Home.

See what they had to say about us.

Take a Tour!

We know that the best way to understand Hawkes Home is is to experience it firsthand. That's why we are always happy to give tours.

Just call Harley Noel at
(760) 635-0935 to arrange it.

We're Platinum!

GuideStar awarded us their Platinum Seal—the highest they bestow—for our

transparency of operations and finances. Please click to read more about us:

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